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Flexible, reliable and high-performing as aluminium. This is our current team. Every single partner is ready to meet your needs, working in synergy with the others. Now more than ever, efficiency, reliability and performance are no longer based exclusively on machines and systems of excellence, but also on the utmost integration and advanced knowledge of technologies, regulations and processes.


For perfect casting and forging results a sophisticated cooling and lubrication process is absolutely essential. AED Automation has the right products to achieve best performance. We develop, produce and sell a broad range of equipment, which allows us to offer the best solution for any process strategy.

Founded 45 years ago as a company specialized in the designing and construction of special casting systems such as: gravity die casting machines (moulding machines) and low-pressure machines, or automatic robotic systems.

Gauss Automazione has, since its beginnings, concentrated on manufacturing machines, automation and robotics for the aluminum industry. Gauss developed its technologies and has supplied hundreds of gravity die casting cells to the world’s main foundries that often anticipate future production processes.

Italpresse Industrie produces and installs machines and automatic work cells for high pressure die casting of light alloy. It has maintained its ongoing technological leadership since the 1970s with the introduction of foundry automation and since 2005 with the development of the 2 platen machine.

The main Italian specialist, and a World leader, in technology for the trimming and finishing of casts and high-pressure die-castings. MPR is able to provide complete solutions: trimming tools, trimming-deburring presses, dedicated trimming machines, machining machines and complete systems.

The StrikoWestofen Group with its headquarters in Gummersbach is a globally active manufacturer of thermal process technology for the light metal casting industry, providing solutions for pressure die casting, gravity die casting, sand casting, low-pressure die casting and continuous casting.

Design, development and manufacturing complex big size die casting dies, low pressure & gravity molds and core boxes used for the production of mechanical and structural components in the automotive industry.


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